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Information System for Teaching and Research on Korea

East Rock Institute (ERI), with a grant from the Korea Foundation, produced four different websites on Korean culture and history. This project, directed by Hesung Chun Koh, Ph.D., includes two instructional websites and one dynamic, web-based research tool, called KOCIS. Also included is an instructional website developed by Dr. Hyo Hyun Sung's who is a pioneer in Internet-based instruction on Korean geography.

INSTROK's goals are threefold:

  1. To promote Korean studies and scholarly understanding worldwide using the Internet;
  2. To demonstrate the efficacy of KOCIS; and
  3. To facilitate future international and inter-institutional cooperation in the area of Korean studies.

INSTROK uses a variety of primary sources, including the 1882 Korea-US Treaty and famous folktales, and secondary sources (e.g., interactive timelines, and charts, genre paintings and photographs). INSTROK's targeted end-user is wide-ranging, and includes researchers of Korean cultured and history and of comparative, cultural inquiries.

INSTROK will be disseminated through the International Cyber University (ICU) of Ewha Womans University and select major centers of Korean studies around the world, as designated by the Korea Foundation and other international digital initiatives.


  • INSTROK's instructional website is based on the lifelong teachings of Hesung Chun Koh (founder and president/CEO of East Rock Institute) and her collaborative work with Heseung Ann Song (Yale '90/Harvard doctoral candidate and president/CEO of Monarch Consulting Group, Inc.). The design and execution of Lesson One and Lesson Two were completed by Monarch in consultation with Dr. Koh and ERI staff.

    Professor Kwang Lim Koh, an international lawyer, political scientist and diplomat first introduced the comparison of two different drafts and the final version of the US-Korea Treaties in 1980 during his lecture on "The Opening of Korea to the West" at Yale College Seminar on Korean Culture.

  • The research website was developed by Dr. Koh with assistance from ERI staff, Computer Programmer Douglas Avison Black, and cultural data analysis consultants.

  • The web site on Landscape of Korea and Pungsu was developed by Hyo Hyun Sung and Young Min Lee in Ewha Womans University with assistance of Sang Hee Jung and Ji Eun Lee. The execution of web program was completed by Korea Electric Power Data Network Co., Ltd. in consultation with International Cyber University and assistance of Dr. Koh and ERI staff.

    All contributors demonstrated uncommon dedication to improving the understanding of Korean culture. This was truly a labor of love.

Contribution of ERI Staff and Consultants


  • Hesung Chun Koh, Ph.D.-Project Director
  • Rebecca Frey, Ph.D.-Text Editor/Reviewer
  • Jungha Gil, MBA-Researcher/Reviewer
  • Won-ho Jung, M.Div.-Index Assistant/Reviewer
  • Seung-hee Eu, Yale '98
  • Paul Chow, Yale '02
  • Jane Lee, Yale '02
  • Jee-Yeon Kim, Yale '02
  • David Nam, Yale '02

Instructional Website: Lessons One and Two

  • Monarch Consulting Group, Inc.-Lead Consultant
    • Heseung Ann Song, President/CEO and
      Project Manager
    • Matt Uffalussy, Senior IT Engineer
    • Tracy Tripp, Copywriter
    • Myra Lotto, Project Coordinator
    • Jeremiah J. White, Jr., Chairperson and Project Reviewer
    • Steven Sonntag, Business Associate and Project Reviewer

INSTROK DATABASE and Research Website (KOCIS)

  • Doug Avison Black-Lead Consultant/Chief Programmer
  • Ian Skoggard, Ph.D.-OCM Indexing Consultant
  • Marlene Martin, M.A./M.L.S.-OCM Indexing Consultant
  • Jungha Gil, MBA - KOCIS Analysis
  • Rebecca Frey, Ph.D.- KOCIS Analysis
  • and Other ERI Staff

Website Reviewer

  • Do Hyun Han, Associate Professor, Social History, Academy of Korean Studies
  • Edward Schultz, Professor of History, Director, Center for Korean Studies, Univeristy of Hawaii
  • Martina Deuchler, Professor of Korean Studies, School of Oriental and Africal Studies, Univeristy of London
  • David McCann, Korean Foundation Professor of Korean Literature, East Asian Language and Civilization, Harvard University


  • Dr. Hyo Song Sung (Ewha)
  • Dr. Ho Kim (SNU)
  • US Library of Congress Manuscript and Image Divisions. U.S. National Archives
Copyright © 2002 East Rock Institute. All rights reserved. Project Director Hesung Chun Koh. Funding from the Korea Foundation. Distribution in cooperation with ICU of Ewha Womans University.